Daoflowers logistics. Flower cargoes delivery by Daoflowers carrier agents and also by alternative cargo agencies upon Customer’s request 08-04-2019 / Articles

The key advantage of Daoflowers logistics is the total control of the flower cargo delivery from the flowers delivery by farms to the flowers shipment to the customer’s truck or to flowers delivery to the destination airport.

Decades of experience in the sphere of flowers delivery allows Daoflowers to cooperate productively with the most reliable transport agencies.
The transport agencies we work with have been also in airfreights business for many years, having their own refrigerator warehouses equipped with the refrigeration facilities for the flower cargoes storage. The transport agencies we cooperate with always achieve the best rates with the most reliable airlines for Daoflowers.
During the peak season, pre-holiday deliveries these reliable airlines provide our cargoes with the priority space on their chartered aircrafts.

We try to avoid flower deliveries by low cost, but less-than-reliable airlines, that can arrive several times without delay, but at a certain moment the flowers may arrive “burned” or loose connection (to stay at an intermediate airport). However, upon the special customer’s request, we can book for this customer “low cost” airline on a regular basis. In this case the customer will be notified on possible risks.

In order to make the flight cost cheaper, cargoes of customers with the limited budgets are combined into so called Master Air waybills, and upon arrival to the hub in Amsterdam are to be distributed by trucks in directions of their final destinations.

At the very beginning of cooperation with Daoflowers some of the customers ask a question, “Is there any possibility to deliver flowers to “my” transport agency in Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya?” or some of the new customers just start working with us according to their experienced logistics on flower cargoes delivery from Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya to Europe.

Daoflowers may organize flowers delivery to any of the transport agencies in Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya upon customer’s request, but in this case there are some of the nuances and challenges listed below:

  1. upon the flower delivery to the cargo agency the customer cooperates with, Daoflowers does not control further shipping and booking procedures on the airlines. After the purchase farms deliver your boxes to the selected transport agency, and sign delivery-receipt document. Provided your boxes were not dispatched whatever the reason – all the claims and objections will have to be held against the transport agency at your own.
  2. in case of cargo delivery by the agency strictly determined by the customer, all the claims are accepted for the flower FOB price (Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya), without including further delivery, handling and pre-cooling services at the point of arrival.

If after having seen the risks listed above, the customer all the same chooses an option - logistics from Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya to Amsterdam without Daoflowers assistance, it is necessary to proceed as follows:

  • when placing the order please specify the transport agency where your boxes have to be delivered
  • please inform Daoflowers by what label name the boxes with flowers might be coordinated and delivered by farms. It is desirable that the flower orders from Daoflowers will be delivered under the label distinguished from every other alternative flower suppliers
  • To instruct your transport agency to be ready to accept into their refrigerators the boxes of coordinated label during all the days when farms deliver flowers before the flight
  • to provide us with the contact details of the transport agency officers responsible for your label: phone number, skype, e-mail. These responsible persons have to stay in touch with us
  • to request the transport agency timely provide Daoflowers with reports about boxes delivered (number of boxes, listed by farms), as well as the information about departure: air waybill number, list and the number of boxes
  • to provide us with an accurate data about consignee for Form A certificate of origin and phytosanitary certificate issuing

Daoflowers can also arrange and offers to its customers any of the combined logistics methods, for example:

  • in Ecuador we deliver flowers to the transport agency selected by the customer
  • from Colombia and Kenya we arrange flowers delivery to Amsterdam or any other point of destination specified by the customer
  • or any other combined method of logistics